Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Knitting for Weaving

knitting a backstrap, amy myers photography, weaving, knitting
New project in hand...

This is a swatch to check gauge for a small knitting project which will hopefully prove the start of a much larger project, namely, a strap for a backstrap loom.  I have long wanted to do some weaving, and my attempts to work with a rigid heddle loom mounted on a floor stand have been only moderately successful.  I prefer, as a rule, to use my hands rather than a machine (hence my 15 + year love affair with handknitting), and a backstrap loom appears to be my next step.  We shall see...

A knit strap may or may not work.  I'm not sure whether it will be firm enough to handle the tensions placed on it.  This swatch is being worked in double-stranded worsted weight cotton to ensure a firm fiber, and in a simple K1, P1 seed stitch to reduce stretch to a minimum.  My first swatch, worked in garter stitch, was too bulky.

The swatch is being worked on US #10 needles.  At present, it would appear to be at a 2 stitches per inch/3 rows per inch gauge, but it is not quite complete.  I am debating a gentle wash to full the yarn in the interests of firming it up a little more prior to use.

Yarns are a combination of natural and bleached white.
knitting a backstrap, amy myers photography, weaving, knitting


  1. υπεροχα!!!! το πλεξιμο το λατρευω….πλεκω παρα πολυ…. πουλοβερ, φορεματα, κολιε με βελονακι κουρτινες τραπεζομαντηλα….
    αυτοσχεδιαζοντας τις περισσοτερες φορες, ειναι μια ασχολια των χεριων μου, που με ηρεμει αφανταστα και με ξεκουραζει.
    σου ευχομαι ομρφη μερα να εχεις!!!! μια αγκαλια.

    1. It is a good way to stay a little calmer ;-) I know your work is beautiful; and you do applique work, which I do not have the patience for! Improvising is my favorite way also...!!

  2. Hi Amy, is impressive to see your many talents ... your ability to create in multiple disciplines.
    I have to confess that in this case I am very clumsy :) Good luck with this new project.
    A big hug!!

    1. If I can make something from one or two strands of yarn, I am happy... ;-) Many thanks for your encouragement - I will finish the swatch today and then... we shall see...!
      Happy weekend, and hugs!!